Dispelling the Myths of Weight Loss and How Actually to Keep the Pounds Off

Losing weight can be hard. Keeping it off is harder! I have tried to lose weight and keep it off many times in my life. I’ve followed several “fad diets” or “crash diets” in my life. I’ve lost weight quickly, but never kept it off. My weight has fluctuated so much throughout my entire life. I’ve finally found a lifestyle that I believe has helped me lose weight and so far keep it off.

Growing up, my family was never too conscientious about what we ate. We didn’t think badly about going out to eat several times a week. We baked and ate sweets. We drink pops and juice as much as we wanted. I was chubby most of my life because of this. I have learned that the biggest factor to losing weight, and keeping it off is my diet! I can eat  sweets in moderation. I can eat out with friends every once in a while. The biggest factor, is doing those things in moderation.


To start off eating better:

  • I cut down my sugar intake. Doing this alone has helped curb my cravings so much. I realized that the less I ate those things, the less I craved them.
  • I cut down on the carbs I ate. I used to love a big slice of bread or bowl of pasta. Since I have cut down on those, I have noticed a weight loss. Doing this, I have lost quite a bit of water weight alone.
  • I focus more on vegetables and lean protein to fill me up. I boosted my metabolism by making sure that I eat protein every day. Some things that I focus on eating are chicken, lamb, fish and eggs. These are lean proteins that help keep me full longer. I don’t feel like I need to eat again shortly after I finish!
  • I eat more vegetables, I make sure to fill my plate with them! There are so many good kinds of vegetables that help fill you up and have very few calories. A few of my favorites are broccoli, tomatoes, kale, spinach and brussel sprouts. So many of these vegetables are filled with fiber and vitamins that I need. Not only do these vegetables taste good, but are loaded with things that are good for me.
  • I eat three meals every day. Between meals if I find myself hungry, I will snack on vegetables. I like fruit also, but it can be loaded with sugar. I will let myself snack on more fruit than candy bars though!
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Another major part of losing weight for me, was becoming more active. As a child my family didn’t do much to be active. We didn’t really enjoy sports or spend much time outdoors together. I was never part of a sports team growing up either. I always felt like it was just too much work to be active. Now that I am active, I can’t imagine my life any different! I have come to love working out. I do a lot of work outs at the gym and at home. At the gym I take part in many fitness classes. I love weight lifting classes and cardio classes. I like to lift weights because I am building my muscles, while also burning fat. I also like to take cycling classes, that really blast the fat. I sweat a lot during these classes, burning calories.

I love to do things outside with the family now. We spend a lot of time on the trail near our house. We go on long bike rides and walks, sometimes to the ice cream shop. Moderation is key! We play sports together. Doing this has shown my children how important it is to grow up active and healthy. No matter what exercise I do, I always feel better after a workout. Sometimes it is difficult for me to work up the motivation to get started. I feel lazy and tired some days. If I make myself get up and moving, I am sure to feel better afterwards.

Losing weight has been a big confidence builder and I feel better about myself. I have more energy, feel better and I get sick less often. I know that I need to keep up my diet and exercise in order to keep the weight off.