Understanding How Genital Herpes Impacts Your Life

You are tossing and turning all night. Your mind racing on the sore that is around your genital area. You hope it’s just an ingrown hair hurting. That happens, right? You don’t want to think of the other reason. You have been having unprotected sex lately. You thought it would be safe. Everyone is doing it. You keep tossing and turning and finally grab your phone to do a quick google search. The results terrify you and you quickly decide to get an appointment at the doctor the next day.

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Find out risks and symptoms about Sexually Transmitted Infections

Australia is one of the countries with the lowest levels of sexually transmitted infections. Other top STIs such as syphilis, gonorrhea or HIV have not had a large increase in the country’s population since 1996.

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Genital Herpes: Causes and treatment

Genital herpes is an outbreak of the genital herpes simplex virus (HSV). Many people have either no or mild symptoms and are therefore unaware of being sick. These usually contain small blisters if symptoms occur which break open to form painful ulcers. There may also be flu-like symptoms such as headache, sore, and swollen lymph nodes. The onset is usually around 4 days after exposure with up to 4 weeks of symptoms. Certain outbreaks that occur when infected are usually milder.

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Sexually transmitted infections in Australia: 10 times higher than 5 years ago

The World Health Organization has recently expressed concerns about increased incidence of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) worldwide. The agency, from his headquarters in Geneva, has explained that “on average, approximately one in 25 people globally have at least one of these STD”. WHO also added that everyday one million people catch a sexually transmitted infection around the globe.

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