Can Having Sex Can Give You Infections?

One million of new Sexually Transmitted Infections every day: a global emergency according to WHO

Sexually transmitted infections (better known as STI’s to some) are not fun. If you plant to have sex though beware of these infections as they can be pretty worrisome. The disease is transmitted from one person to another via the initial infected person and it will just spread this way. It doesn’t matter what type of sex you have, you can still be infected by some of the STI’s. Sex could be anal, oral, vaginal, or skin to skin in general. The types of infections are as follows and what exactly they are briefly. Viruses, parasites and/or bacterial infections will cause the most common ones that I have listed below.

Causes Of Std Increases

Human Papillomavirus Infection

It will leave warts on your body but it all depends on the exact type of strain it is. The doctor can tell you the strain and give you the next step in the diagnosis and treatment.


This is one that can result in fertility especially left untreated. You can get it by having sex, and involves a bacterial infection. Get this taken care of right away with Zithromax in Australia if you want children in your life.


This is a common one, and the symptoms are the least noticeable. In fact you, just might not experience any of them. Consider yourself luckiest if you have this one but at the same time it is still not good to get. You don’t want to infect others. So you might want to go get checked our regardless if you have it or not to not spread the disease to others.

Genital Herpes

Another common one to experience. This time the symptoms are fairly noticeable with pain and the presence of warts. You don’t want to wait til get this checked out, especially if you want to have kids later in life.


This will start off with a bacterial infection just like Gonorrhea but there will be a sore that is fairly painful. If it seems to be a sore that is sexually transmitted then sometimes it is best to get that checked out for sure.

HIV and Aids

An infection of the sexual kind that is not going to let you fight off other infections and the seemingly worst one of all to get. People have been known to die from it but there are medications to keep it under control. There have been cases of getting HIV through kissing and even through open sores but this is very rare and should not be as worrisome as having unprotected sex with someone with AIDS or HIV.

Protection is Key

When having sex the biggest and best way to avoid coming in contact with a person who can spread these diseases to you is to use protection. I can’t stress that enough. The best protection is a condom, and it should not be disregarded especially if you don’t know the person very well.

How Long Could You Have the STI

It depends on each one. Some of them will be with you for the rest of your life even if you don’t have anymore symptoms. Then you have others that will be gone within a week or so but still be in your system. The worst one to get is HIV which is always there and can have symptoms that are deadly. In this day and age there are medications that can help with it and make you able to join the world and resume activities. But monitoring your health should be mandatory. And you should always tell your partner what STI’s you have even if you risk rejection or feel embarrassed.

In some cases if the love is actually really there your partner will understand. That is how you know you are really loved. But overall take care of yourself and be mindful of your diet and exercise to ward off the disease getting worse.

Are Symptoms Different in Men Than They Are in Women

There are not many real differences because of the nature of the design of our private parts. Women can get itching and bleeding around the vagina for example whereas men will also get discharges and bleeding from the penis or swollen testicles. Otherwise the bumpy sores and the pain is about the same for both sexes as well.






Author: Mark Reed

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12 thoughts on “Can Having Sex Can Give You Infections?”

  1. My best friend was diagnosed with gonorrhea when we were in high school and it was really scary because it was something that we weren’t really taught about, so we didn’t know how to handle it. Safe sex wasn’t taught and STI testing wasn’t taught.

  2. My cousin name Jessica got a STD called crabs back when she was younger. She was 16 years old at the time. I didn’t fully understand her situation at the time because I was only 8 years old. However the disease caused her to be unable to sit on our toilet because it was contagious. The doctor gave her special medication and told her to cut all her pubic hairs. STD’s are nasty.

  3. As a young man I always believed that life was one and had to enjoy it to the fullest, regardless of the price that this could cost, my life was a continuous party with a lot of alcohol and sex, and sex specifically that act created by the gods that can give us so much pleasure but it can lead to our lives as many problems as are sexually transmitted diseases, such as gonorrhea, something that if not treated as it should, can lead to serious problems for our health, and for my little care I have suffered from this disease

  4. When I found out I had gonorrhea, I felt horrible. Not just for practicing unsafe sex with a partner I didn’t know much about, but the shame of having to go to the doctor and admit to just as much. The treatment was simple and I was back to normal in a short amount of time, but why take risks like that? I could have got HIV! Rather have my pee burn and the drip than a death sentence any day.

  5. i contracted Syphilis from my girlfriend,she had been cheated on me since with her co-worker i never add an idea, i felt so bad that i contracted that horrible disease from someone i loved. she apologized though but i don’t know if i want us again right now.

  6. I have friend that got Herpes for pelvic to pelvic touching, no penetration. this is how we learned that condoms do not protect you from herpes or genital warts. Herpes is forever its the gift that keeps giving.

  7. I decided to go out one night with my freinds for drinks, and after I had about 5 shots of Yager and 3 beers and two shots of whiskey, I was feeling rather frisky. This hot dude walks over and starts talking to me. He was tall and thick and had dark hair and was hot. So we went down the street to the Embassy Suites and made hot sweaty love for hours and hours. About a week later I had horrible burning sensation when I urinated and I felt very ill. I went to the doctor and they told me I had the clap and ghonorreah. I was devastated. I called that bastard up and met him for drinks again and I started yelling and he tried to hit me, so I stabbed him with a butter knife to keep him from attacking me, I had to call the police after a stranger who was walking by stopped to help. We ended up falling in love and he accepts my afwful past.

  8. Sexually transmitted infections can be dangerous if untreated and are easy to contract. Its scary to think you could get a sexually transmitted infection at any age or from anyone.

  9. My best friend got an STI from having a one night stand. She did not use a condom even though I told her it wasn’t safe to have sex without one. Now she has chlamydia and has to take antibiotics to treat it.

  10. My friend Jack has suffered from a sexually transmitted infection and while it was fairly easy to treat it was embarrassing for him to deal with and I felt very bad for him. People need to be more careful and get tested before having sexual relations.

  11. I dated a male who was in the Marine Core and was tested during normal routine checkup. He received a call that test results were positive for gonorrhea and swore that I was his only partner. He immediately saw another doctor unaffiliated with the military and was informed that all results were negative.

  12. My friend Jim he has been suffering from HIV for many years now and he has had the correct treatment and he has been able to make it better however, he wishes everyday that he could get rid of it entirely he is hopefully that it will eventually go away

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