Lose weight: How to stay healthy and do it the right way

Weight loss in Australia: Is There A Solution

Living with obesity is a struggle in something that not everyone can understand unless they have experienced it firsthand. There are a lot that’s social pariahs due to their weight being excessively hi but this doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. If you are suffering from obesity in Australia, there are many ways for you to overcome your weight problem. Despite a growing fat acceptance movement, there is still an underlying understanding that obesity is harmful to one’s health.

While many people try to dispel this rumor with rhetoric such as if you are happy being overweight then it is fine, this type of thinking is doing more harm than good. Already, the movement against fat-shaming has seeped into the marketplace. More and more, things such as obese mannequins and over-sized clothing are becoming increasingly common. One can still be a happy and a great person despite being overweight, that is not the issue.

Obesity and society

The problem is when setting an example that makes obesity acceptable or appealing is harmful to younger Generations who grow up accepting their obesity and therefore accepting their shortened life expectancy. Weather everyone admits it or not, obesity is still a leading cause of Health disorders and diseases including diabetes, heart disease, and even can lead to Strokes. The way that one can start tackling this problem it’s by rewiring their thinking and turning everyday menial tasks into weight loss tricks. For example, you work on the 15th floor, instead of taking the elevator takes the stairs one day. Make it a habit to force yourself to take the stairs and you will burn calories on the commute to and from work.

Making small adjustments such as this can add up and create a total effect that can help you reach your goal. You can also combined weight loss recreational activities. Perhaps you enjoy camping and normally try to your campsite. how about instead of driving to the campsite, hike there instead and earn some extra calories.

Other chores and errands such as grocery shopping can also be done in more physical manners such as by riding a bike or walking to the store.

Eat Well

Take a new perspective

If you can manage to change your thinking and look at the things you do everyday In a Different Light than it is possible to achieve your weight-loss goal. It’s you take a total of 30 flights of stairs to and from work, bike ride to miles to and back from the grocery store, and walk to check the mail instead of checking it from your car you can burn a massive number of calories without even going to the gym. Fr some people, it may be better to just use the facilities at the gym but it takes serious willpower and dedication to do it every day and not all people are capable or want to.As an Australian, you have a great advantage because of your location. There are hundreds of miles of trails, campgrounds, and outdoor recreational activities available at your fingertips.

Australia to your advantage

  • The Outback is a vast expanse that has untapped potential for a person to lose weight. Even riding a bike for an hour or two a day can make a massive difference in your weight.
  • Now, you must also be eating a healthy diet on top of exercising since it is almost impossible to do one without the other. Eating healthy and not overeating is almost as important as the exercise itself.
  • Orlistat is a medicine if you want to lose weight FAST.

These two things in conjunction can help you achieve the weight loss goal of your dreams.

Just remember, even if you are mocked or derided by strangers or your friends when you try to make these Lifestyle Changes don’t let them discourage you. You must learn to Simply tune out the noise around you because at the end of the day the only person that truly matters to you is you. In fact, once you start to see success you will most likely begin to take a new kind of flack from the people around you as they become jealous of what you have accomplished. Big goals are achieved one small step at a time so don’t become discouraged if you aren’t seeing progress overnight. It is a lengthy process that is well worth it in the end and only a drop in the bucket of a lifespan.


Author: Mark Reed

Dr. Mark Reed, MD had always loved friends Arizona with its pretty, precious people. It was a place where he felt proud to be a member of the community. He was a compassionate, healthy, athlete with thin arms and long legs in high school. His friends saw him as an enthusiastic, delightful student. Once, he had even helped a sneezing old woman cross the road near the market. That's the sort of man he is. After graduating from medical school, Dr. Mark walked over to the window and reflected on people and his surroundings. The sun shone on his career and he embraced his new life of helping others. After a talk as a guest speaker at Stanford one year, he saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the figure just like a young version of Dr. Mark Reed. This was a caring student with tired arms and a frail hand. Dr. Mark saw it as an opportunity to reach out and become a mentor. He was not prepared to see a version of himself during his speaking appearance at a local college. As Dr. Mark stepped outside and the young med student came closer, he could see the wet glint in his eye. Dr. Mark gazed with the affection of a father. He offered to help him when it came time to do his internship. That is the kind of caring person Dr. Mark has become known as. Dr. Mark always does kind things for patients such as warming the stethoscope. The people Dr. Mark has helped at the Arizona hospital where his work has made him a pillar of the community. Dr. Mark regards his patients' tired limbs with care and always has a way of making them feel comfortable. After graduating from Arizona State University Dr. Mark went on to Harvard before taking a residency at Johns Hopkins University. After several years, he eventually announced he had been accepted at a prestigious Arizona Hospital. Dr. Mark focuses on being ethical, his emotions are always in check, and he is determined to serve his patients to the best of his ability.

17 thoughts on “Lose weight: How to stay healthy and do it the right way”

  1. I lost 25 pounds in 2 months. I felt so much better with that extra weight off and my cholesterol, blood pressure, and borderline diabetes are all under control versus before. I am going to lose 10 more pounds and maintain a good weight to keep my health in check.

  2. I hate dieting, but i know when I am in need of weight loss. My diet consisted absence certain items I love to eat:
    1. Soda. I love Pepsi. But it is almost a given that if stop drinking it for two weeks, the pounds will fall
    2. Bread. For me this almost a daily thing. But it mostly comes in the form of fast food. Eliminating for a couple day, much less 2 weeks does wonders.
    3 dairy. This sneaky. But it effective because it does something to me. What I am not sure.

    One thing to do. Eat light. Pull away from table. Know when you have had enough and enough is not when your stomach is “full”
    One other thing: Drink water. This goes without saying

  3. Weight-loss has really changed my life for the better. Once I realized how important exercise was, I realized just how much extra weight I was carrying around on the regular. Being able to stick to a regimen, and improve my diet is what really lead me to lose a lot of weight. In total I lost over 30 pounds, which took months of extremely hard work.

  4. I started out 40 pounds overweight and got down to 125. The biggest thing that helped was stopping all of the soda that I was drinking and drinking water with lemon. I found that I did not like to drink plain water and lemon helped me transition. I also found that substituting bad snacks like chips or cakes with carrots and ranch or something more healthy helped cut out a ton of calories. I also tried to exercise more and even though I did not stick to my routine trying to exercise more than what I was doing for ended up being beneficial. I also used a calorie tracking app to keep up with what I was eating and that helped me track all of my calories in see on a weekly basis what I was consuming and the nutritional information as well which helped me make better choices and feel good about what I was eating. With tracking and changing some daily habits after if you weeks I started to notice a big difference.

  5. I had recently gained weight due to a health issue and was about 20 pounds over my natural weight. Once the health issue was resolved, I dedicated myself to getting back on a regular diet of at least 3 servings of fruits and vegetables a day and going to the gym 4 times per week. It meant that I had to make mid-week trips to the store to replenish fresh foods but it was well worth it. Within 4-5 weeks, I was back to a normal weight and had healthy eating habits again.

  6. in 2017 i realized that i had hit the heaviest point in my weight, i then realized that i needed to lose weight, i started out by cutting out all of my unhealthy eating habits and went to the gym and spent a couple hours a day a few days of the week there, it is a long process and takes time and patience but i lost 45 lbs in 2018.

  7. I was 395 pounds then I started eating right and working out in February and now I have lost 75 pounds and losing more and more by the week. I feel great and I look good in clothes.

  8. A little over ten years ago around my thirtieth birthday I started my weight loss journey. I had been overweight since I was a child and this was my first successful weight loss experience where I managed to keep (most!) of the weight off. I counted calories and exercised to achieve this outcome. I am not at a normal weight and have a sustainable healthy lifestyle with room for treats as well.

  9. I have lost over 50 pounds in the last year! I walk 6 miles a day, cardio for 30 minutes, intermittent fasting (I eat from 1PM-8PM only), low carbs and low calorie diet. I feel amazing! Once I switched my mindset about food it was far easier not to think about. I do not omit all foods, just eat them more in moderation.

  10. Weight loss is not an easy goal to attain. There’s so many ‘easy weight loss!’ methods that I honestly thought nothing would work. However, I recently tried a diet that focuses on natural fats and no carbs, no processed foods. I’ve dropped 40 lbs in a month already.

  11. I started to focus on my eating habits. First I started to count my macros, and I went to the gym around 5 times a week. I worked on heavy lifting mostly. Within a week I lost a couple pounds just from making sure my fat count was down. I learned the important of healthy carbs and high intakes of proteins. I also started to take protein shakes to help me feel full and reach my protein intake.

  12. ive struggled with my weight for years and about 2 years ago at my heaviest 290 lbs i decided to turn my life around and start actually living towards a goal. My brother was my motivation to keep trying he never gave up on me even when i did, i stopped trying to starve myself to lose the weight and actually focused time to learn how to give my body the right nutrients it needed without over eating. i exercise 4 times a week and love to do it now, it is stress relieving. i drink 1 gal of water everyday , and do not consume much sugary drinks . I feel the happiest ive felt in so long and super confident in myself .

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  14. I lose 20 lbs in a month. It was a lot of hard work because I wanted to get in shape as well. I exercised everyday for at least an hour and chang emy entire diet.

  15. I am very proud to say that I have lost 39 lbs in the last 6 months. I lost the weight with the help of a dietician who encouraged me to pull back on drinking, which I did.

  16. I lost 45 pounds my sophomore year of college after my moms diagnosis with Breast Cancer. I wanted to do something meaningful to honor my mom and this was something I needed to do for myself as well. Once i started losing weight which was purely from dieting i become obsessed with seeing the scale dropping lbs that it become addicting.

  17. I lost about 20 pound over a 12 month period doing very strict Keto. It took me about 1 year to gain it back when I stopped doing what I was doing. But it did work well.

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